horoscope 3 december

11 houses, 11 kinds of Dainyayoga (yoga of misery) are formed. If the lord of the 6th does it with the lord of any one of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 1 1 houses, ten.

Someone is hell bent on pleasing you, just to keep you on his or her right side. An old ailment troubling some is likely to disappear soon. Steps to trim expenses are the need of the hour. You continue to perform well on the professional front. Some of you may face a tough time finding a good match for an eligible family member, but there is no need to get disheartened. Those offering their premises on rent can expect decent people as tenants.

Some controversy on the social front threatens to erupt and upset you. Take some outdoor activities to beat lethargy. Some of you are likely to get good remuneration for your creative talents. Dream of bagging richer clients is likely to continue to prod some on the professional front. Peace prevails on the home front and will allow you to let your hair down. Love Focus: Getting undue attention of someone from the opposite camp may warm the cockles of your heart!

Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope

Students are likely to fare excellently, as their efforts and hard work bear fruit. Health remains excellent and will keep you energetic. Desire to multiply your money may consume you, so expect success soon. Lack of resources may compel you to put an important project on hold on the professional front. Those saving money for a particular task will have enough to see a domestic job to completion. Enjoying new places today is on the cards. Love Focus: Chances of catching the eye of the one you admire can only happen if you make your presence felt, so think out the ways!

Good bargaining may help you in sealing a property deal. Some more hard work may be required by those appearing for a crucial examination on the academic front. A minor ailment can aggravate, if neglected. Good financial management is set to make you monetarily stable. Whether it is learning a professional skill or even indulging in office gossip, you will not miss out on it at work today! Domestic front is likely to remain most peaceful and serene.

You may feel reluctant to attend a social gathering and succeed in avoiding it. You will find ways and means to keep yourself fit. You will need to be more result-oriented on the professional front to make your mark. A planned vacation may have to be postponed, due to something urgent coming up. Your mood swings may spoil the domestic environment. Love Focus: You are likely to take a step towards strengthening your loving bonds by sharing feelings with partner. Acquiring a piece of property is a forgone conclusion for some.

For once you will not rush into things and find yourself uncharacteristically level-headed! You will enjoy good health once you set your mind to achieving it. Financially the day is likely to turn promising, as many opportunities come your way. Good planning on your part will help in avoiding obvious pitfalls in a project at work. Differing opinions amongst family members will need to be brought in sync.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

A sensitive issue on the social front is likely to be handled most tactfully by you. You will be able to get rid of mental tensions. Diverting money into a fresh venture is possible and will prove advantageous in the long run. You manage to put an off mood family elder in a happy state. You may become part of an exciting trip and enjoy your heart out. At work, a revised deadline may put you under tremendous pressure. A property lying vacant may be rented out for far less than what you had expected.

A legal issue can give you sleepless nights. Your focus shifts to your daily routines and self-care practice this afternoon, as the moon enters Gemini. The sun and Venus retrograde meet this morning, creating a potent energy around your career and public life. The moon enters fellow air sign Gemini today, putting you in a flirtatious mood and inspiring you to make art. A special clarity arrives today as the sun and Venus retrograde help you see things in a new perspective. The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, encouraging you to connect with your home and family.

Intimacy is a big theme today.

Cancer Horoscope October – Astrology King

The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, bringing news your way. Your ruling planet Venus, which is currently retrograde, meets the sun in your opposite sign Scorpio, making this an important day in your relationships.

The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, lighting up the financial sector of your chart. The sun meets with Venus retrograde today, teaching you an important lesson about self-care. The moon enters your sign, Gemini, encouraging you to get in touch with your emotions!

Horoscope Today, October 26, 2018: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo – check your star sign

Call a trusty friend to vent. The sun and Venus retrograde meet in fellow water sign Scorpio, making this a hugely important day in your love life and around your creative efforts.

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The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, encouraging you to take some time to yourself. The sun and Venus, which is currently retrograde, meet today, creating a powerful energy around issues concerning your home and family. The moon enters Gemini, activating the sector of your chart that rules your social life, and putting you in the mood to network. Important conversations arrive as Venus, currently retrograde, meets the sun in intuitive Scorpio.

The moon enters Gemini, finding you busy making moves in your career and focusing on your public life. Today brings a crucial turning point in issues concerning money or self-worth as the sun meets your planetary ruler Venus.