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11 houses, 11 kinds of Dainyayoga (yoga of misery) are formed. If the lord of the 6th does it with the lord of any one of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 1 1 houses, ten.

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This Monday, October 7, the passionate Sun in your flirtatious and flamboyant fifth house gets in a dynamic dust-up with serious Saturn in your eight house of seduction. Intense emotions are sure to arise—and spark some amorous activities. But the eighth house also rules deeper realms: metaphysics, spirituality and not mere physical bonding but soul-merging! While el Sol might be satisfied with some superficial yet HOT sensual connection, Saturn will not settle for a booty call or fall fling.

Remember to breathe! In another day, you should have a clearer vision of what you want. In a LTR?

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This is a perfect moment to examine any resistance you're feeling to your partner and to discuss unmet needs, including those that belong in the fantasy realm. Geminis also love to give advice and genuinely have concern to help others with their queries and concerns. They do however, prefer topics that are positive in nature and feel that too much negativity can weigh them down.

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Gemini is often found dispersing their different energies in multiple directions and often has the problem of starting a project, yet failing to finish it. Whether they are successful or not in life, largely depends on their ability to be able to us use their intelligence to focus and complete that project or task. They are extremely creative and inspiring and should they be in a managerial role within their profession or company, they are wonderful at inspiring others and create great enthusiasm with everyone that they meet.

Gemini needs to be careful of taking on too much in the world, as they are also sensitive beings, who can easily get burnt out with overstimulation. They must also be careful about the constant duality that exists within them and although it is good to be spontaneous, they must realize that not everything in life is going to be exciting. Sometimes we must work steadily on tasks in order to create amazing results and things in our lives. Want to know more about the Gemini sign?

Gemini Weekly Love And Relationship Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope. With dynamic Mars now moving more deeply into your sector of romance, it can inspire you to be bold regarding a budding relationship or to reach out to a loved one after a spat.

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Indeed, feisty Mars can be a great icebreaker no matter where your relationship is going. The weekend Full Moon can be a game-changer though. Feelings can override logic, so pause before you act. Share your horoscope on:. Gemini in Love Horoscopes are a fascinating way to find out in depth exactly what is going on in the life of a Gemini.

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